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We handle the legal work related to copyright registration from filing an application till the approval.
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Frequently asked questions.

Copyrights registration is not mandatory yet it ensures safeguards of the rights of the creators being an infringement. This is an assurance that no other one can misuse or reuse the copyrighted efforts of writer or creator in any form. Copyrighting anything will help to protect the social and economic development which relies on the creativity. It helps to get a kind of monopoly which motivates an artist or a creator to produce more.
Under the Indian law, original work, literary, art, performance, songs, music, lyrics, article, diagram, drama or movie scripts, and any type of creative are eligible to be protected if they are published in India or published or unpublished anywhere by the citizen of India. Indian law has a right to copyright the international work as well. 
According to the Supreme Court of India - the word original doesn't comply the work to be an expression of original or inventive thought. An original work is said to be original if it is not copied from another work - completely originated from the author only. Originality relies on the extent of capability, skills, judgment, labor being held by the creator or owner in making any type of creation. But it should be noted- only expressions are copyrighted, not the ideas. For example, if you have contents on your website, this can not be copied by the competitor though he can use the idea in his business activity.
Copyright is registered under the copyright act, 1957 for the original work being carried out by the creator. This act has been implemented five times till date (1983, 1984, 1992, 1994, 1999, 2012) to safeguards the projects of various industries. Once registered, copyright lasts for 60 years though the starting period may vary according to publication dates or nature of work.