Proprietorship Firm Conversion

From Proprietorship to company

A Proprietorship Firm is a small-scale business operating unit as the individual is responsible for the assets, liabilities, and other obligations. If an assesses wants to grow to a larger scale of business, a proprietorship firm is not the way. Larger the business, the higher the profits and returns. A single individual having own business can expand their resources by converting his small-scale Proprietorship Firm into Company.
For converting a Proprietorship Firm into Company, few legal formalities & compliances needs to be complied with and it has many advantages too.
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Our experts can assist you through all regulatory terms and procedures to undertake, for the conversion of proprietorship firm to company
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Frequently asked questions.

To form a private limited company from a sole proprietorship, the procedure is to first form the private limited company and then take over the sole proprietorship through a Memorandum Of Association (MoA) and transfer all benefits and liabilities to the limited company.
Changes in Bookkeeping Going From a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation. As your business grows, you may choose to change its legal structure from a sole proprietorship to a corporation. This change offers many advantages, including limited liability and increased flexibility for financing and tax planning.
There is no such provisions given in Companies act 2013 to convert Sole proprietorship into Private Limited Company or take-over of Sole Proprietorship by Private Limited Company. You are running your proprietorship firm which is not governed by any law.
The advantage of a Corporation is liability protection. The owners are protected from the debts and liabilities of the business. The disadvantage of a Sole Proprietorship is unlimited liability.