ISI Registration

The Indian certification

ISI mark, or the Indian Standards Institute is a very important industry standard in India. This mark confirms that the certified products conform to the government acknowledged Indian Standards and is developed as per the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Many of our everyday electrical appliances and kitchen accessories and appliances are ISI certified and is considered a mandate in India.
The Product Certification Scheme of BIS aims at providing third-party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the ultimate customer.
Voluntary Certification: Any manufacturer who feels confident enough that his product has the ability to meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification
Mandatory Certification: Which is also known as Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). While product certification is otherwise voluntary, the Government of India, on considerations of public health and safety, security, infrastructure requirements and mass consumption has enforced mandatory certification on various products through Orders issued from time to time under various Acts. These include gas valves and cylinders and infant food. Manufacturers of such products can’t apply for ISI mark under the voluntary scheme.
Under separate arrangements with Statutory agencies, some products have been placed under special certification schemes of lot or batch inspection carried out by BIS Inspecting officers.
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Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of the Rules and Regulations of Bureau of Indian Standards. Starting from documents preparation, application filing to get the Registration Certificate issued smoothly from the Authority, we guide you at every step of the registration process and testing of the products and renewal of registration.
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Frequently asked questions.

Legal status. Mandatory for 90 products, advisory for others. The ISI mark is a standards-compliance mark for industrial products in India since 1955. The mark certifies that a product conforms to an Indian standard (IS) developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body of India.

Following are the benefits of the ISI marked products:

  • An ISI marked product verifies its quality to its customers.
  • An ISI marked product decreases the business's losses as well as product brushoff.
  • An ISI marked product guarantees both better performance and longer self-life.
Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark is a product certification scheme by BIS. ISI mark is used for industrial items in India post ascertainment of the product's compliance with the required standards.
Who can utilize the ISI Mark ? Submitting an application at the nearest BIS office. A BIS officer will then evaluate at the factory level, the capability of the producer to produce goods according to the standards laid down for the category. Sample of products are tested at the factory and outside.