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Our experts stay with the company for a specified period, as decided upon during the agreement. The firm is permitted to retain the advocate and avail all the benefits they can. These benefits can be availed by offering him various contracts and services. The skilled lawyer gives his best during the entire time he works with that firm. This helps the firm in all the legal matters, in the process of forming various policies by keeping in mind the constitutional limitations. The lawyer gives best client satisfaction to the firm, thereby helping the firm build a better working environment.
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Frequently asked questions.

"Employment on retainership basis" means obtaining services from a professional by paying a retainership fees. They are different from regular employees as they are not on the payroll of the company. They are given a fixed monthly fees.
For those who are confused, retainers are not regular employees of a company. Retainers can be classified as independent contractors who are highly skilled professionals and freelancers and are paid in an agreed rate whether it is in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
By “retaining” a lawyer, you are establishing an attorney-client relationship with that lawyer. There are several methods for retaining a lawyer, but typically it will require an up-front payment or fee. That fee is commonly referred to as a “retainer,” and is given to the lawyer in return for legal representation.
A retainer is a fee that you pay to someone in order to make sure that they will be available to do work for you if you need them to.