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We work with clients to develop and implement custom solutions to their Specific Debt Financing needs. We act as an Advisor & Arranger and raise Funds through various types of Debt Instruments. We assist our clients in strengthening their balance sheets by delivering Customized Capital Structure Alternatives designed for maximum profits. We understand that the efficiency of Businesses depend on an efficient and well-organized fund flow system.
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We offer assistance within the areas of Project Finance, Capital Expenditure for Green- field/Brown-field Expansion, Acquisition Finance and Cross-Border projects funding.
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Frequently asked questions.

Debt syndication involves a group of lenders funding various portions of a loan to a single borrower. A syndicated loan is a structured product that needs to be arranged and administered effectively. This is usually done by a third party or a consulting firm since there are a number of lending parties involved. Syndication solutions and syndicated solutions were initially used by Fortune 500 companies that required large amounts of funds for their projects. Today, however, SMEs and large corporations frequently seek syndicated loans. These are used to finance power plants, steel plants, refineries and even to fund takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions. With a large number of businesses plying in the Indian market today, the requirement for funds is only likely to grow and debt syndication in India may offer a viable financing alternative to companies.
A syndicated loan is one that is provided by a group of lenders and is structured, arranged, and administered by one or several commercial banks or investment banks known as lead arrangers. At the most basic level, arrangers serve the investment-banking role of raising investor funding for an issuer in need of capital.
Debt Syndication is the process where a bunch of banks and lenders fund various fragments of a loan of an individual borrower. Loan Syndication happens when a borrower requires a loan amount which is too big for a single bank to provide.
Syndicated debts arise when a project requires too large a loan for a single lender or when a project needs a specialized lender with expertise in a specific asset class. Syndicating the loan allows lenders to spread risk and take part in financial opportunities that may be too large for their individual capital base.